Navcore 9.17 TomTom One XL cnn

Navcore 9.17 TomTom One XL CNN

Ok newbie question so dont bite my head off, I updated my One XL with Navecore 9.17 bootloader 5.5128.
Using map 890.4222 UK it works fine when installed into the Tomtom root no problems with delays, if I install it into my Kingston 4GB SDHC class 6 card it’s a little sluggish but still works fine. If I add a second map to the SD card then it slows considerably map changing takes about 10~12 seconds and just moving around the menu’s can often seem as if it’s locked up.
I’m not complaining as once the map/function is setup then navigation works fine, just asking if there is a way to speed things up.
I must say this is a great forum keep up the excellent work.

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