How to update TomTom maps on Foehn & Hirsch 4.3? gps

How to update TomTom maps on Foehn & Hirsch 4.3?

This is my first post on this site, having just found it..Woohoo!
I’ve just returned to the UK from abroad. I bought an F&H Sat Nav 4.3" from Ebuyer a few years ago and using the guides on the ‘SimpleSatNav’ site, I loaded TomTom 3rd Edition (with the excellent ‘Black Menu’ devised by one of SSN members).
I haven’t modified any other Sat Nav since.
However, I see Simple Sat Nav has now been nobbled by we all know who.:(
The F&H was based (I think!) on the Navigon and I’m almost certain it could handle iGo software as well as TT.

The F&H unit still works superbly but I was wondering how I could get and install more recent TT maps/updates.

The procedure for doing this used to be on the SimpleSatNav website but I’m damned if I can remember how to do it.
As I said, I’m a little rusty on modifying.

Is there a ‘dummies’ guide to this on this site or can someone help me out?

Many thanks

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